Comfort from the very beginning

It’s easy to say, “We’re a one-stop shop.”

Actually we need numerous experts. Many technicians, advisers, plumbers, craftsmen and customer service employees are necessary to tie up an all-round package in the matter of heating and plumbing.

All-round means: whether it’s complex heating technology or a pampering whirlpool system, we have everything to intensify your living and bathing comfort and lower your energy costs.

You will appreciate this combination of services and products because you can spare yourself all the stressful back and forth between different companies and contact partners. And you also have the guarantee that everything fits together. That saves you time, money and, not to be underrated, your nerves.


Neue Adresse!

Seit dem 01.09.2023 finden Sie uns unter folgender Adresse:

19, Op Tomm, L-5485 Wormeldange-Haut

Wir freuen uns, Sie dort in neuen Räumlichkeiten begrüßen zu können!